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Trees for Neighborhoods

Trees for Neighborhoods provides free trees to eligible residents to clean our air and water, cool sidewalks and homes, and make our neighborhoods healthier! In addition to free trees residents can expect to get help selecting the right tree and planting location, planting assistance, watering bag & mulch for each tree, training on proper planting and care, and more.

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How it works

Step 1: Evaluate your planting site and tree choices. Read the tree selection page to help you select the tree best suited for the space. Want help deciding the right tree for your space? Watch a video presentation of our Right Tree, Right Place Webinar.

Step 2: Apply for trees through the online application. Our tree list changes every year; check out our lists from past years here. The application typically opens in mid July.

Step 3: Attend a planting workshop to learn about proper planting and care.

Step 4: Plant and mulch your new trees: fall is the best time to plant a tree in Seattle so your new tree can settle in before the hot dry summer months. All Trees for Neighborhood trees will be picked up or delivered in the fall. For an in depth "how to" on planting and caring for your new tree, check out this video of our Planting and Care Webinar.

Step 5: Need assistance planting your new tree? We offer planting help to participants who need physical assistance. Call (206) 684-3979 or email TreesforNeighborhoods@seattle.gov for information. This service is performed by volunteers and is limited by volunteer availability.


  • You are a homeowner within Seattle city limits or have obtained permission from the property owner.
  • You are willing to attend a planting and care workshop or webinar.
  • You are willing to assume all future maintenance & responsibility (summer watering, raking, pruning, mulching, etc.)
  • You agree to only plant trees in approved locations.
  • You have not already received the maximum of 6 trees per household.

Stuff you'll need

  • Address tree(s) will be planted (within Seattle City limits).
  • Attend a planting and care workshop or webinar before receiving your tree.

How to apply

Applicants can apply for the Trees for Neighborhoods Program for 2023 now by completing the online enrollment form below. The application will close once the remaining trees have been placed with residents. This page will be updated shortly to include an email notification sign up for the 2024 tree planting season. The email notification will inform residents in June 2024 about the tree options available for the 2024 tree planting season. In July 2024, on the day the application opens, we will email you again with the link to the 2024 Trees for Neighborhoods Program application.

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