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Education and Childcare

Seattle Parks and Recreation Summer Camps

Seattle Parks and Recreation offers hundreds of weekly camps throughout the summer for youth ages 3 to 17.

Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)

On average, recipients save:

$320 / Month

To apply, it may take you about:

1 Hour

The average response time is about:

2 Weeks

How it works

- Seattle Parks and Recreation Summer Camps are for children and youth ages 3 through 17.

- Programs run from June to August

- Vacancies are filled on a rolling basis.

- Scholarships are based on household size and parent/guardian income and successful applicants receive a 40% to 90% subsidy as funds are available.

- Families apply for scholarships once per year.


  • All children and youth ages 3 to 17 are eligible for Seattle Parks and Recreation Summer Camps.

  • Your child can attend a minimum of 60% of days for each program requested

  • You meet one of the following income requirements

  • -- You receive TANF/Welfare benefits

  • -- You qualify for the Utility Discount Program

  • -- Your family is at or under following income guidelines

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Stuff you'll need

  • Information about you and each member of your household (Name, Date of birth, Gender, Race/Ethnicity)

  • Proof of income for all adults. Provide a document that can prove your income. here are some examples:

  • -- Preferred: 1040 Income Tax form (most recent)

  • -- Gross paycheck stubs (1 month of 32+ hours or 2 months of 31 hours or less for all household before tax income)

  • -- Social Security benefits (SSI, Dependent, Disability, Survivor’s, or Retirement) statement or benefit checks

  • -- Cash benefits (TANF/Welfare) statement or benefits check

  • -- Unemployment Income statement or benefits check

  • -- Utility Discount program qualification - provide bill statement (qualifies up to 50% scholarship)

  • -- Retirement benefits (Pensions, Annuities, or IRA) statement

  • Proof of dependents. Documents that can prove your dependent eligibility include:

  • -- Preferred: 1040 Income Tax form (most recent)

  • -- Birth certificates for dependents

  • Program selection for each child


Contact your local Community Center:

How to apply

Download scholarship application on-line or request a copy in-person at any of our community centers or pool locations. -Application is available in English, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Apply online:


Printable application form:

Printable application here

Apply by email:


Apply by mail:


Apply by phone:


Apply in-person


Apply by fax: