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Pathway to the Seattle Preschool Program

The Pathway to the Seattle Preschool Program offers families free full and half-day preschool programs for children ages 3 to 4.

Department of Education & Early Learning (DEEL)

How it works

The Pathway to the Seattle Preschool Program provides full- and half-day high-quality preschool programs for 3- and 4-year olds. Preschools are run by community-based organizations and schools and are located in or near elementary schools. Full-day programs provide 6 or more hours a day for children, 4-5 days a week. Half-day programs provide a 3½ hour instructional day for children, 4 to 5 days a week.

Programs run from September to June. Beginning in September 2021, families above 350% FPL will be charged tuition for both full-day and part-day programs. Tuition for families below 350% FPL will be free.

These preschool locations offer part-time preschool:

  • ARC: Alki Community Center (West Seattle), 206-684-7430
  • ARC: Ballard Community Center (Ballard), 206-684-4093
  • ARC: Queen Anne Community Center (Queen Anne), 206-386-4240
  • Tiny Trees: Beer Sheva Park (Rainier Beach), 206-701-0245
  • Tiny Trees: Carkeek Park (Broadview), 206-701-0245
  • Tiny Trees: Olympic Sculpture Park (Downtown), 206-701-0245
  • Voices of Tomorrow: Family and Child Center (South Seattle), 206-466-1229
  • Voices of Tomorrow: East African Development Center (Rainier Beach), 206-466-1229

These preschool locations offer full-time preschool:

  • West African Community Center: One Family Learning Center (Brighton), 206-349-0892


  • You live within Seattle city limits (residents living in unincorporated King County are not eligible)
  • You have a child age 3 or 4 by August of the participating year

Stuff you'll need

  • Proof of your child's age
  • Proof of your address
  • Proof of family income


Call: (206) 386-1050

How to apply

Each preschool location manages enrollment directly. We recommend connecting with your preschool of preference to determine if they have vacancies. If you are eligible, they will give you an enrollment packet to complete and will need additional documents from you. If you are not eligible for Pathway, they will work with you to determine other preschool options they have for you.

Apply online:


Printable application form:


Apply by email:


Apply by mail:


Apply by phone:


Apply in-person

Apply in-person at the preschool location in which you are interested (see "How it works" for more details).

Apply by fax: