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Seattle Promise - College Assistance

The Seattle Promise program is designed to provide the financial support and personal guidance students need to succeed in college. Students get free tuition and many other supports.

Department of education & Early Learning (DEEL)

How it works

Seattle Promise currently offers up to two years or 90 credits of free tuition at any of the three Seattle Colleges to graduates from all Seattle Public Schools high schools regardless of GPA, income, or background. After completing all application requirements, Seattle Promise scholars will attend workshops designed to prepare them for educational and institutional success.

Students are eligible for the following services: Support applying to Seattle Promise and Seattle Colleges; Support applying for and completing financial aid requirements; Full coverage of any tuition expenses remaining after other scholarships and financial aid have been applied; Assistance with choosing and registering for classes; Preparation for the transition to college; Guidance and mentorship through the first two years of college. Equity scholarships are also available to income-eligible students and can be used to assist with non-tuition costs such as transportation, books, child care, and more.


  • You are a graduating senior from a Seattle Public Schools high school

Stuff you'll need

  • Applications for fall 2023 are open.


How to apply

Applications for fall 2023 enrollment close on February 17, 2023. Applications for 2024 will open in fall 2023, and students can apply online.

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